Alma Finds Its Groove At The Grove

The prime corner restaurant space at The Grove has been a French bistro, a deluxe pastry shop and now, in perhaps its most useful incarnation, Alma, a casual taco and cocktail spot downstairs with a bigger menu of dishes from several regions of Mexico upstairs. The upstairs menu was designed as celebratory experience by chefs from Mexico City’s Grupo Hunan. Alongside traditional preparations like chicken mole, grilled skirt steak, Ensenada lobster and lamb barbacoa, don’t miss the hard-to-find escamoles. Known as Mexican caviar, they’re the subtly flavored, nutty-tasting eggs of black agave ants and are paired with epazote and guacamole for a bucket-list tasting experience. Alma stocks more than 100 types of tequila and mezcal, the better to make cocktails like the fruity, well-balanced Pirinola with tequila, tamarindo and lime. 189 The Grove Dr., Suite H-10, Los Angeles

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