Inside L.A.’s Newest Openings, From a Nonalcoholic Bottle Shop to an Apothecary-infused New Spa

Grupo Hunan brings a taste of Mexico to The Grove with Alma Cocina de Mexico, a bilevel concept by the fountain

MEXICAN HEAT Mexico City-based Grupo Hunan, the family-owned restaurant group behind 26 fine dining spots in Mexico, brings some spice to The Grove with Alma Cocina de Mexico, its American debut. “Our family, the Cuaiks, spend a lot of time in Southern California and have always planned on launching a concept in L.A.,” says Grupo Hunan’s Teresa Cuaik, whose family seized the opportunity when a space opened up. The bustling city streets and serene coastlines of L.A. and Mexico influenced Cuaik Architects’ design of the split-level concept. Alma’s second floor houses a high-end Mexican restaurant boasting signatures such as tacos al pastor, birria and escamoles. Says Cuaik, “We describe it as ingredients that sing.” The ground level serves as a casual taqueria and cocktail bar with a shopping element. “The taqueria will feature an authentic Mexican market where we will not only offer imported Mexican novelties, but also a seasonal rotation of Alma’s signature ingredients, such as salsas, moles and handpressed corn tortillas. With both levels, we’ve created a truly immersive Mexican culinary experience.” The Grove,–JR

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